Grapes-Bannana- Pomogranite

Introduction : We are the largest suppliers of fruit packaging material in India. Jaineeket Enterprises is a highly reputed and reliable name, engaged in manufacturing, supply and export high quality fruit packaging materials . Manufactured from quality checked materials, our packaging materials are known for: - High Transparency and visibility for excellent appearance. - Convenient to storage and easy to handle - Resistant to Heat in comparison to other materials - Environmentally friendly . We offer these packaging materials in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and designs depending upon the requirements of bulk buyers. Our array of fruit packaging materials ensures safe handling of fruits along with its freshness.We have introduced concept of one stop shopping so that there is no need to contact individual party for every requirement.

Grape Guard
   Available Imported plastic grape guard of Proteku (made in S.A.) for 9kg | 5kg | & 4.5 kg Box packing approved in UK, Holland, Russia Market.

Linear Bag
Available food grade 4.5kg | 5kg | 9kg (Tearoff) | 13kg linear per specification of UK | Holland Market in L.D or H.M.H.D. Material

Paper Angle Board
It is made from multiple layer of laminated glued paperboard.Available Imported Poly coated as well as indigenous angle Board.

Sizes : 75mm x 75mm x 5mm / 6mm /7mm
65mm x 65mm x 5mm / 6mm /7mm
50mm x 50mm x 5mm /6mm /7mm
Printing: Name and logo can be printed for bulk quantity.
Application: Angle board provides greater "Structural strength" to corrugated cardboard cartons being used for palletisation.

Temprature Recorder
Data longer for 40days , 45days , 50days, of cargo data (California) with display screen as well as RFID Recorders also.

Air Bubble Roll /Sheet
This product is available in 1mtrs & 1.5mtrs width, standard length of the roll is 100 mtrs & bubble diameter is 10mm. It can be available in between also for bulk requirement.

All sizes of bubble cut pcs/pouches/bags/tubes as per specification & requirement easily available.
Available for Grape | Pomegranate | Mango as per supermarket specification.

Gauge : 250, 350, 280, 600
Application : It is specifically designed for light to medium cushioning & surface protection. This is very ideal for fragile or valuable products.

P.P.Strapping Roll - Polyproplene strapping roll.
Strong virgin quality available for palletisation  in 12mm | 16mm

Sizes: 9 mm, 12mm
Colour : White, Blue, Yellow, Red.
Thickness: 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm
Printing: Name or logo can be printed for bulk quantity.
Quality: Manual & machine roll
Application: Packaging of corrugated boxes, Bundling.

Serrated Seals
This is one of the Unique method of packing. This seals are grooved inside to grip the strap strongly.used for tight palletisation  with strong grip.

Sizes : 12mm, 15mm
Benefits of serrated seals : a. Rust proof
b. No wastage
c. Strong grip
d. Accepted all over the world
Application : This seals along with handtool set are used for manual hand strapping.

Manual Handtool Set
This set contains Tensioner & Sealer. Tensioner is used for tensioning the strap & sealer is for sealing the strap with serrated seals.

Sizes: 12mm , 15mm.
Benefits of the set : a. Handy to carry
b. Easy to operate
c. Economical
d. Best option for pallat packaging
Application: This is an exclusive option for pallet packaging with P.P. strap. It holds the strap perfectly in any position.

Plastic Tray
Tray for packaging pomogranite in 9,10,12,14,15 & 16 counts available as per customer requirement.

Plastic Pet Punnet /Zip lock Pouches
Available Punnet from carton pack form Italy 85 / 90 mm height as well as Grape Tesco / Sainsbury pouches for 9 kg / 4.5 kg duly approved by supermarket (UK).

Available in 2 mm thickness for banana suitable for all size of boxes. This is mainly non- toxic foam used for fruit packaging .

Misc accessories : - Hand Gloves, Apron, Head cap, berry temperature Recorder.